The Evolution of Self

Do you want to make some changes?

If you are feeling distress in your relationships, workplace or other life circumstances, counselling can help.  When you want to make changes in your life, how can you get started?  The benefits of counselling can be very significant and worth the risk of reaching out for professional support.

Counselling can help you

  • Understand experiences;
  • Cope with change;
  • Alleviate stress;
  • Make conscious choices;
  • Find direction;
  • Develop clear goals for yourself;
  • Identify tools and resources to help you reach your goals;
  • Bring about a greater hope and satisfaction in your life.

About Patricia

       Patricia Dean is a Registered Professional Counsellor, a member in good standing with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association (CPCA).

       Patricia is dedicated to helping individuals and couples resolve issues and move forward in their lives by providing quality counselling services.  Some clients prefer a solution focused approach with ideas and tools, others want to connect and process emotions or identify and learn from their own personal patterns.

       With a general therapeutic approach Patricia defines as eclectic, she takes all the different approaches into consideration and develops an approach tailored to each individual client depending on issues and personality.  Patricia strives to provide a positive environment of trust and confidentiality to assist individual in reaching their therapeutic goals.

      The decision to seek help is a courageous one!  Patricia would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and to answer any questions you may have.


Dean Counselling


Liverpool, NS

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